Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Our Outdoor Art Exhibition 2017

Wow, what a day, between rain and wind all week, the sun managed to break out for a few hours on Thursday 28th September.  We showcased some beautiful installations of colour, craft and skill.  Every student in the school contributed in some way to our art exhibition.  Below are some examples of what students created.
Thank you Hamilton East students for all your hard work and enthusaism toward the arts in our school.  

Books made from blocks of wood which went into the letter 'T' in Tu Tangata! Tu Maia!

Intricate weavings

Games for the playground

Every class in the school was responsible for a letter.  The letter formed the words of our school moto, Tu Tangata! Tu Maia! Stand Tall, Reach High!  Students from each class presented their letter in a random order to make the moto.   

Hanging kites, the best day ever hanging and installing artworks!

Our Rainbow Playground!

The snuggly tree!

Room 6 and fairyland


The Opening - what an incredible turn out of parents and whanau.

The Kapa Haka performing for us.

What I see out the window!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Making Fairyland

We were very excited to make Fairyland in our playground, first we had to make fairyish sorts of things, toadstool houses and blooming flowers needed to be planted.  Katerina, one of our teachers even made special little houses around the school for hobbits and fairies.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Busy artists

We have been very busy in the last week of Term 2.  We drew onto a piece of board, the picture of our animal or character we wanted to do...

Then we used sandpaper to smooth out the edges.

Dust went everywhere...The sandpaper was really rough to touch!

"My bunny feels nice and smooth now"  

 After we sanded down the edges of our piece of work, we then primed the wood with white paint (which sealed the wood), we had to draw our details on again and then we painted using lots of different colours.
Only two kids at a time...it took AGES....

We had to change the size of our brush to suit what we were doing, it was quite tricky!

Mr Slug!

Watch out!  A big mint green spider is being created!  Ahhhh!

Some of our finished products...we are very proud and can't wait until the Out door Art Exhibition to show them off!

After we had all painted the colours on our work, there was one more thing to do...
Shelley used varnish to seal all the paint so our pieces of work could go outside in the rain...

They look all shiny now!

We even have a kite, inspired from a Matariki story we listened too.

Shelley is busy varnishing!

These are all the resene paint colours we could choose from.  There were heaps of colours!