Monday, July 27, 2020


We are learning all about volcanoes this term.  This is what we already know, now we are going to build on this information and find out as much as we can on volcanoes.

This weeks publishing - a volcanic theme starting to erupt!

I went to the roller-skating rink yesterday.
By Amelie

I went to Australia and saw a volcano.
By Elisha

I saw a volcano with smoke in the weekend.
By Kareena

I see a volcano erupting.
By Florence

I like lava because it has nice colours.
By Trinity

I like playing with Ziggy on the volcano.
By Bede

I see an erupting volcano.
By Lucy

I see lava running down the mountain.
By Ameliah

I see a volcano.  It is smoking.
By Tova

I see a volcano.
By Ryder

I went on the plane and saw a volcano.
By Ikaika

I see a shaking volcano.
By Ziggy

You can be a worker and work in the mines.
By Eion

I see an active volcano.  There is a house on the volcano.
By Tyson

I see smoke in the volcano.
By Oceanaia

I saw a volcano.
By Ashleigh

I saw smoke in the volcano.
By Alyssa

See the volcano.  Look and look, “Oh no”! said Maxine

I went on a plane and saw a volcano. By Karlton

I went on a plane and saw a volcano in Taupo.  I climbed the volcano.
By Cohen

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

What colour I felt... Some gorgeous stories from Room 4

This week has been a wonderful week of exploring feelings and thoughts.  The children have been learning about colours that could be interpreted as feelings and what colours might mean to them.  'My Many Coloured Days' by Dr Suess was the story we read.  
Here is a drawing of the colours the children have felt since they have been at school and some of the experiences they had during their time at home...

Below are the stories from Room 4 about their bubble and how they felt coming back to school...

In my bubble was Mum, Dad and Jessie and me and Tas the cat.  My favourite thing I did was playing minecraft and spending time with my family. 
I felt yellow when I came to school because I was happy and excited to come back to school.

In my bubble was Eben my brother, Mum, and Dad and my cat called Cheerup, and Cricket my kitten and Loaf and Cotton my dogs.  I liked playing with my brother
I felt white when I came to school because it felt normal to be back.

In my bubble was my Dad and my Mum and my sister Katrina and me.  I enjoyed doing work with my dad, we learned the timetables. 
I felt yellow and pink, excited and happy to be back at school.

In my bubble was my Dad and my Mum and my big sister and my baby sister.  I liked watching TV.
I felt green when I came to school, I felt peaceful...

In my bubble was Nana, my Koru, Zeplyn and Novem, my big brother and my little brother.
I loved getting a new fridge because my Auntie broke the old one, the new one has lights!  I liked playing with lego, I’ve got two jets in my lego.
I felt blue when I came to school because Elisha wasn’t here.

In my bubble was my mum and me. We cooked dinner and we made pies and ate lollies, my mum can cook lollies.  My mum did run out of the lolly recipe though.
I felt pink and red when I came to school, I was excited to be back at school.

In my bubble was mummy, Rayden my brother and Flower my kitten and me.  I liked bike rides, heaps and heaps of bike rides. 
I felt yellow because I was happy to see Amelie, my friend.

In my bubble was my sister, my other sister, my mum and me and Zig and Zag my cats.
I liked Minecraft with my sister and helping my Mum decorate her bed.
I felt blue when I came to school because I didn’t want to go to school.  I wanted to stay at home.

In my bubble was Mummy, Daddy, my brother and my cat called Batgirl.  I liked it when I was playing and I went for a walk and Dad got me and my brother a pie.  We also had Doritos and pink milk. 
I felt pink because I was excited and I was jumping up in the air at home.

In my bubble were Dad, Mummy and Ruth. My cat Mina was also in our bubble.  I liked jumping on the tramp and playing and watching a little bit of TV.
I felt yellow when I came to school, I felt happy and excited to be at school. I did feel a little bit blue on the first day because I was worried about coming to school.

In my bubble was Ziggy the cat, my Mum, Daddy, and me and Fern my dog.  I enjoyed having a walk with my family.
I felt yellow, pink, and blue when I started school.  I was a little bit sad because I missed mummy, and happy about being at school mostly.

In my bubble was my whole family.  I liked playing with my brother and doing my obstacle course.  I liked doing puzzles too.
I felt pink and yellow, red and orange, because I was happy to see my friends again.

In my bubble were Jashneel, Mum and Dad and me.  I liked playing tag and drawing a shark.  And I liked reading stories.
I felt pink when I came back to school, I was excited about being back at school.

In my bubble was Mum, my Dad and me and Louis.  I liked playing on the tramp, we were on there all day, we even had breakfast on there.  We played in the shed too. 
I helped cook all the ‘Hello Fresh’ dinners and liked playing with the lego in the office and saying hello to someone from Mummy's work on the computer.
I felt yellow when I came back to school.  I liked coming back to school.

In my bubble was Dad, me and Mum and my brothers and sisters.  I liked reading books.
I felt yellow and happy coming back to school.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Learning for Wednesday 13th May...

Ko  Rāapa tenei ra.  Today is Wednesday 13th May
To begin each day, let’s start with the karakia 
Yesterday we had a chat about ‘feelings’ and the kinds of
feelings you may be having…

Today I thought we could write a list of feelings… Listen
to the song to begin...
The Feelings Song and now listen to the story...

Lists can be very helpful:
They can help us to organise ourselves. 
 I write a shopping list so I know what to buy in the supermarket.
 I sometimes write a ‘job’ list so I can get lots of jobs done.

Here is a feelings list:

I am feeling…

  • Excited
  • Nervous
  • Happy
  • Embarrassed
  • Angry
  • Mad
  • Lonely
  • Hopeful
  • Sad
  • Proud
  • Silly

All of these feelings are important and OK to have.  You might like to talk to
your mum and dad about how you are feeling?  I’m looking forward to talking
with you about your feelings when you come back to school…Perhaps you could write
a ‘feelings’ list...

We are going to talk about how you are feeling when you get back to school
next week...
I can't wait to see everyone!